Bulgarian Enterprises Information System

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BEIS General Overview

Bulgarian Enterprises Information System (BEIS) includes standardized information about more than 40000 Bulgarian private and state-owned companies (JSCs and Ltd.s), institutions BEIS offers the opportunity for 24 hours access to this information from all over the world in both English and Bulgarian languages. Potential clients of BEIS are investors, consultants and intermediaries; credit, insurance companies and pension funds; government institutions, privatization participants; commercial, marketing and advertising companies; information agencies, mass media and other interested parties.

Every company profile includes information about the companys head office, branch, activities, managers, shareholders, and participations in other companies, balance sheets and P/L accounts, basic financial ratios, stock exchange prices, press digest. The information is updated on a daily basis through official registers and public information sources (Privatization Agency, Mass Privatization Centre, Securities and Stock Exchanges Commission, National Statistics Institute, Agency for Foreign Investments, ministries), non-government organizations (Bulgarian Industrial Association), daily and periodical press issues, Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia, information given by the presented company itself. All data include the source and time of last update.

Except for standardized information about Bulgarian companies, additional researches and reports for industries, sectors or a certain company are completed on request.

Basic data about companies in BEIS as well as search facilities are available for all Internet users, and the specialized information - for clients only.

The development of Bulgarian Enterprises Information System (BEIS) is due to the joint efforts of BIC Capital Market Ltd., SFB Capital Market JSC and Bulgarian Industrial Association. Improvement and extension of information services we owe to strong demands of all our partners and clients.